What We Do

For 30-plus years, we helmed a small, full-service PR agency serving large national and international clients in the horticulture/gardening sector.

We’ve done Web production and more since the mid 1990s. Notice the 4-letter URL.

Along the way, we added broadcast and Web video production and digital photo services, too.

Today, we’re putting our skills to use for something different, closer to home.

We’re creating custom-designed WordPress websites for small non-profits and other organizations.

Our goal is to create sites that are:

  • Highly customized & distinctive to the organization
  • Logical, intuitive & easily navigated
  • Easy-to-administer for trained staff and/or volunteers
  • Accessible to the best achievable levels of current WACG guidelines

We offer a combination of experience, common sense and flexibility that few local or even large firms can match.