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On first meeting the Ferguson Caras team, you’ll be struck by their infectious enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and creativity. I am quite exacting professionally, yet after a brief, chance meeting with Sally, I felt a strong natural rapport and knew for sure that this was the team I wanted at my side. Sadly, due to their other commitments, it took several more years before we were finally able to persuade them to work with us.

Since 2009, I have admired their hard work, tact and diplomacy as they skillfully ‘translate’ our very English, understated, approach into messages that maintain the character of the brand, but resonate much more strongly with American ears and minds. We benefit enormously from the intelligent, linked up, strategic approach they bring to each brief. But this dedicated team doesn’t just stick to the brief, they inevitably exceed it, generously bringing us fresh ideas, opportunities and exciting new connections. Their values, passion for what they do and their personal integrity make them the perfect North American guardians of the David Austin Roses brand. They not only produce results but are invariably a great pleasure to work with.

Susan Rushton

Marketing Consultant
Former Head of Marketing, David Austin Roses

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Susan Rushton