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In these challenging times, you need people on your side who are ingenious, creative, resourceful, and well-connected. And the Ferguson/Caras team is all of those things. But they’re much more. They have the fire-in-the-belly to implement projects that require courage; they have the vision to suggest ways and means off the beaten track; they have the spark to ignite ideas beyond what anyone else dreamed of conceiving; and they have the infinite energy to turn concepts into realities.

I’ve watched while they take a newly hatched idea to another level. I’ve been part of mixed media/trade configurations that no one dared to assemble before. And I’ve witnessed their fortitude and flexibility as they roll with the punches to see ideas through the sprouting stage into fruition. Sally and David are great planners, they’re heavenly collaborators, they venture where no one else imagines going, but they’re also close friends and allies throughout the process. Plus – perhaps most importantly – everyone loves them.

Tovah Martin

An award-winning author of 14 books and a highly sought-after freelance writer, educator and lecturer, Tovah's recent books include The Indestructable Houseplant, The Unexpected Houseplant and The New Terrarium. Her articles can be found in a broad range of magazines including Garden Design, Better Homes and Gardens, Country Gardens, Horticulture, Design New England, Country Living and (many!) more. Website: