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It's wonderful to find someone in the industry that understands how to work with the crazy, last minute deadlines and constantly changing challenges of the media. From shipping fresh flowers for a TV shoot with just a day's notice (they arrived on time and in perfect bud!) to finding the perfect photo for a story, Ferguson Caras works miracles when it comes to supporting the press, and make it appear effortless.

Press releases are very creative and written as stories so I actually read them! Images arrive in easy to use formats, but more important than any of this is they understand how quickly deadlines and topics can change and never seem flustered by unusual, last minute requests for help. Real people answer their phone, and the staff is always fun to work with when brainstorming story ideas. At industry events Sally, David and Julie are easy to find - their displays are always bold, splashy and colorful, and people are just drawn to them. Friendships are formed when working with this company. They know how to make work fun, keep things fresh and add enthusiasm to whatever they do.

Marianne Binetti

An award-winning syndicated columnist, Marianne is author of nine books, host of Seattle's Dig In TV show, appears regularly in how-to videos for Planters Place and is a speaker, radio host, horticulturist and group travel leader. She is also a respected consultant to garden centers and to the trade. Website: