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Every once in a great while you encounter a publicity and marketing agency that stands out from the crowd, one that you not only can believe in but can also depend on without hesitation or disappointment.

Sally Ferguson and David Caras consistently provide fresh, enthusiastic, and well-informed approaches to green-hearted editorial content that's always deserving of my readers' attention. As the editor of America's favorite garden magazine, Sally and David are my steadfast dot-connectors.

James A. Baggett

Editor-in-chief of Meredith’s Country Gardens and of 11 Meredith seasonal gardening titles. James has been a garden editor and writer for more than 25 years. He is the former executive editor of Meredith’s Nature’s Garden (which he proposed, developed and launched). Previously he worked with Country Living Gardener, Elle Décor, American HomeStyle and Rebecca's Garden magazines. He is author of Flower Arranging, a Best of Martha Stewart Living Book (Oxmoor House).